List building…

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m really excited to be able to communicate to you via this blog and get you some good information, an awesome community, and most of all, encouragement.

Not a lot of people talk about that but one of the biggest thing you’re going to need is motivation and encouragement.  It begins to be a bit counter-productive when the autoresponders keep coming in telling you to buy the product.  It’s great to get good information, products, etc. and I’m all about autoresponders myself, but it can begin to drown you a bit.  So here is some fresh air =)

I want to talk about online stuff today and not personal mindset right now.

When I talk about “List-building” I’m talking about how many people you have that have “opted in” to your message, product, or topic that you can send an email to and communicate with.

All of the gurus have HUGE lists.  That means if they send one email out to 50,000 people that they’ll get a decent return with a certain percentage buying what they’re talking about.

Here’s how you begin if you don’t have a list already.

You can purchase someone else’s list…  that means that you pay them to send an email with the link to your product.

If you have a small list of 50-100 you can swap… that  means that you email your list their product and they email their list your web page link.

One website that is a good place to find other people with this is :

Another that I just found out about 5minutes ago is (go to “joint venture forums”)

Check them out, locate areas where there are other people looking to build their list and start communicating!

If you have any questions let me know.



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