Crush IT!!

Good morning everyone!

I was talking with my sister yesterday who is here helping out with our new baby and I was sharing with her a comment from something that I was reading and here it is:

“A lot of people also decide that professional success has to look a certain way.  That’s how someone born to design bikes winds up becoming a lawyer,or someone who loves experimenting with makeup works everyday pitching someone else’s overpriced brand…. To me that’s insane.”

My sister then commented, ” I guess it’s really important to figure out what it is that you love…”

I was speechless for a while and said, “absolutely, absolutely, absolutely” and couldn’t get over it.  She then went through and began to comment that the reason there are always ideas flowing is because I’m in a constant state of thinking about them and focusing on how to “monetize” what it is that I love.  Some people may say, “yeah, well, I’m not making that kind of money and have to support a family.  I don’t have time to think about it.”  There is a such a simple answer to that I can’t even address that right now.  All I’ll say to that is, don’t fight for what you hate, fight for what you want.  I’ll expound later…

However, the reason it’s important to find out what you love is because when you enjoy what you’re doing you’re going to serve other people better.  You’ll be happier, more energetic, and you’ll spread the good vibes everywhere!  If you spread those vibes and you’re giving people, “service with a smile” =) they’ll come back and you’ll end up making more money and you can give more, live more, help more, be more!   It’s a beautiful cycle.

I said all of that to say this…  Here is an awesome book that will help you along your journey to hone in on what that might be for you.

It’s called, “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk.  Go and check it out.  Get to know what’s going on with him over there.  It’s a bunch of good energy etc. to tap into.

Here's the magic for today


*Referenced from Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book titled, “Crush It”


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