Fail Fast!

I was just spending time with one of my clients this morning and we were discussing the fear of failure.  I have to address this because surely this affects more people than we realize.   Instead of spending a lot of time trying to diagnose your self and figure out if this is you, we’ll simply address the problem and implement the solution because we all need this.

First of all.  Let me introduce the principle of “Failing Fast”.  This is an extremely important concept that we all need to get.  Instead of trying to make sure EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, just let it go.  Let it go and tweak as you go along.  I may have spelling errors on this blog, the design may be messed up one day… SO WHAT!  Keep it moving.

If you find something better as you go along then implement it but don’t wait until that day to implement it because that is valuable time lost and wasted.

Fail fast!

Try things, see if they work.  If they don’t work, Great!  Now you’ve got one area out of the way and can try another.  The sooner you know, the faster you can try another.

Stay posted because I want to introduce you to an awesome technique that is going to help you accomplish your goals.  I don’t say, “In record time” even though that is a possibility because many of you simply need to accomplish a goal… Period.  And I’m going to help you do that =)

You’re awesome and I appreciate you.

Keep up the hard work.

Jerome Bethea



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