Time and Money…

You've heard that time is money. That's completely wrong. TIme is worth much more than that...

I was at a conference this morning and something was said that hit me and I thought that it would hit a nice spot for you too.  It’s a saying from the Talmud.  The Talmud is a book of ancient Jewish tradition, insight, and lifestyle that was oral until the thought of losing it was so great it was decided to be written down.  Here is the concept:

~Most people are concerned and worry about finances and not about time. It should be the opposite.  Because money is retrievable and time is not.

That is a Powerful, powerful concept I want everyone to focus on today.  There are two things that can happen as a result of this.  The first thing is that you feel like your priorities are falling into place when you try this out.  The second thing is that you’ll find that because you’re not “worrying” about money it actually begins to flow a bit easier.

Both results are positive and there is no reason to not give it a whirl.

That’s a powerful thought for the day and I wanted to add something else but don’t want to dilute the effectiveness of this idea.

Give it a whirl today and tell me what happens!

’til later



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