Authoritative post… Running an online biz

"e-commerce". It's where business is headed, don't lag behind.

This can be  a little heavy at first but the point of this is that it isn’t.  The point of everything here is to encourage you to know that you can do it, whatever “it” is for you.  The point of this entire community is to the be the “Real” voice of reason for you.

The reason I say “Real” is because everyone talks about “reality” and how they “Need” this or that or “need” to do this or that but those realities are negative, false, depressing, and lead people into a life they hate or keep people doing what everyone else is doing when they themselves feel it’s BUNK.

So… the “Real” voice of reason says, make it happen, you can do it, I’ll show you the way, I’ll support you along the way and plug you into others who can help you along the way!

So, here you go.  This is a post of the top 20 things that you need to run a successful online business whatever that might be.  These are things if you’re wanting to scale it up a smidge.  You can have less and work with less but I think this allows for the smoothest and easiest operation.

How to Start your online business- Top 20 Tips and Necessities

Making Money online:

1.  Make sure that you have a computer that works ok and doesn’t drive you crazy because you’ll spend some time there

2. comfortable, clean, organized workspace (be sure you can work uninterrupted for a block of time)

3. whiteboard (get from wal mart; a place to write down your brainstorming ideas0

4. website (godaddy, just host, weebly)

5. website builder (iweb – helpful even though some people feel limiting)

6. Product to sell  (quickest: Private Label Rights to sell someone else’s, Affiliate program; another way to sell someone else’s product, create your own product, write your own ebook, etc.)

7.Autoresponders, Aweber, 1shoppingcart

8.Bonus lifechanger:  infusionsoft

9. Shopping cart (place to “host your products”)

10. facebook account

Get that whiteboard to get your ideas out of your head =)

11.myspace account

12.  twitter account

13. Blog

14. Put all of this together yourself or find someone who can do it for you while you remain the mastermind. ie. Outsourcing.

15.  Be sure to take frequent breaks for you body, your eyes, your sanity, and your creativity

16.  test your site and flow to make sure it works the way you want to

17. spend time building your list.  Your list is a bunch of people who know you and are waiting to hear more information from you.

18. Drive traffic (marketing to get people to your site

19. split test- in your marketing, be sure you can measure what works and what doesn’t work so you can optimize your results and spend money where it is working

20. email your mom and ask her to tell her friends =) (I’m not joking!)

Two Bonus ones to show you the principle of “Over-deliver”.  We’ll talk about that later…=)

21. Be sure that you enjoy what you’re working on.  Your clients and potential customers will feel it!

22.  Get a Coach – everyone in every industry should not leave home without this.

Nothing magic here, just keeping you accountable...with Love =)=)


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