Working for yourself! The pros and cons…

Ready to take the plunge? Work for yourself.

I had someone ask me to comment on being “Self-employed” because they’re getting ready to make the “plunge” into that realm.

I’ve heard a lot of people’s fears regarding this plunge.  The necessary ingredient here is that you know and you feel and you’re burning inside the fact that working for yourself is what you NEED to do.  You CAN’T have it any other way.  You can’t imagine living another way.  You can’t imagine going into work another day and working for someone else.   With that burning desire you know that whatever you have to do to not return to the previous situation is a million times better then returning.

Whatever negative things may happen once you take the plunge are a thousand times better than returning to the old path.  With that in mind, you’re ready.

It’s a tough rode but just like a good workout leaves you very sore and hurting but you know that you’re getting stronger, every difficult moment is going to come to make you stronger, more resilient, and more successful.

Here is some realistic guidance and some tips for you to take away.


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