I wanted to give you some insight as to what I’m going to provide for you here.

There are so many products, gurus, etc. out there and I literally am of the persuasion that they all have something awesome to bring.  I think that what they are talking about is legitimate and of some worth.

If only all gurus could be this handsome...

The thing that happens, however, is that we can get bogged down because we get bombarded with information and tips and advice and products to buy.  After a while it can actually begin to make you sad because you just finished getting one product and now there is another that is “bigger and better”.

Well, I want to put an end to the emotional roller coaster.  Instead of you having to spend all of the countless hours and nights going through all of this stuff and paying the bucks to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, I’m going to be talking through all of that with you and “for” you.

Why do I want to be the one to take on this task???

That’s a good question and I have no good answer except for the fact that I feel that it’s a win win for everyone.  You can focus on what you do and I’ll focus on what I do best and that’s teaching.  I view all of this as teaching.  It doesn’t make me the smartest guy or the sharpest knife in the box but that’s my shtick.  It’s something that I personally enjoy doing and if there is one thing that I “preach” here it is do what you enjoy.

Let me make a small disclaimer and say that the thing that I “do best” may NOT be teaching but it’s what I enjoy the most =)=)=)   I can only hope that something is coming across and that something effective is coming through =)

Enjoy the vid.  Send any questions about whatever you might have and I’ll be talking with you again shortly.



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