Perspective…It's everything

This is one of the most important aspects and concepts to grasp your life!

What a beginning, huh?

Well, it’s true.   By taking an angle or position on what you’re going through in life, what someone else is going through, good or bad, you’re shaping your reality, literally.

In that reality things can appear as positive or as negative as you want them to and you have to live with that.

I was creating a site and it seemed like everything was going wrong.  I was excited about what was happening and getting it going but road block after road block kept coming up.  Instead of giving up and being depressed and feeling like nothing was working, I said, “you know what, I’m going to video all of this and show the next person how NOT to make the same mistakes and go through what I’m going through!”  and then sell it.  Turning your misforune into fortune.  It’s honestly UP to YOU!  No one else.

Perspective can make something appear real that isn't. So be careful what you choose you want to make "real".

So take a positive outlook on things.  If you have to choose an outlook, why not a positive one?

There are some people who say, “well, I’m just being realistic”… Take a look at the post I posted a few weeks back on that and how those people are employees locked behind a desk being realistic while unrealistic people are the ones creating airplanes and flying to the moon when that is and was not even close to a “realistic” expectation.

Talk to the cancer surviver who was told they had 3 months to live and then the cancer goes away.

What’s point in being “realistic”.  Reality is what you make it.  Never forget that.

Watch this video down here and I’ll introduce you to a guy that is the epitome of  “perspective.”




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