How to start an online business

“Much more difficult than I thought it would be but much more rewarding and fun also”

How I did it: I bought a high-priced product that was already pretty much put together and put that together with my original idea to save time.  Because the products were already done, I just had to put everything together.  THAT part was hard as anything because no one was there to show me what those parts were =) But I try and help people with that part because that was the main difficulty for me.

After that I continued to network with other people in the business and try and glean from each other.
I LOVE teaching and so the main component of what I do on my sites and also what I hope people take me up on here is to teach them and answer their questions.

Lessons & tips: The number one lesson I can provide is to keep on truckin’!!  It is not as easy as everyone says it is but if you keep on eating that elephant one bite at a time it is very doable.

Resources: The resources I used are the resources I pass on to help get started in the shortest amount of time.  is where I pass on what was given to me but add every stumbling block I had in there so the next person doesn’t have one.
You can get to my blog from that page and that’s where I try to continue to pass on free tips and advice for those looking for it.
Any other questions, if you weren’t able to find my email from my blog, you can ask at my personal email address which is
Good luck!

It took me 25 days.

It made me Extremely Happy


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