Mentality…That's half the battle. "Go Joe!"

The last few posts are about me personally and what I’m hoping to accomplish here and in my life.  It’s very candid and you might be saying, “Whoa, Jerome.  Slow down!  We only just met.”

That’s true but I’m pointing out a very important point here by doing these things for you and for you business, online or offline.

Don't forget the lesson of the day, "Knowing is half the battle." Go Joe!

Transparency.  I’m not saying you need to let people know where you live and what your social security card is, you have to have common sense here too.  What I am saying is that people are doing business with people and 9 times out of 10 (just a quote from my dad, not a real statistic =) people are going to do business with people they like.  Even if someone else is more qualified they’ll still go with the person they like or get along with or who they feel understands them (almost all one in the same when you break it down).

Soooo…  What does being transparent have to do with that?  Well, it’s about people liking you and you also liking them.  You’re creating a community.  You’re creating a family.  What you’re doing when you start or run a business is you providing something for people to help them and you want to have a good time doing it.  When you’re transparent you might find that you have other things in common too!  Maybe that’ll create a deeper relationship?  Maybe it’ll lead to more business?  Maybe it’ll turn them off and they’ll never come back again?  Who knows.  The point is that business is changing and there is so much information out there now-a-days that instead of running from it you may want to find a way to embrace it.



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