People. The lifeblood of your business. Period.

I just met a man today and I wanted to tell you about him.  This goes right in line with the blog post before this one and you’ll see why.

Your #1 Goal is to create Happy, Repeat, Customers. Remember that, Happy, Repeat, Customers. Oh yeah, don't forget the Happy and Repeat part 😉

I was looking at an online service and I saw an interesting video.  Of all of the videos out there and of all of the things that I view on a daily basis, it really says a lot that I not only saw an interesting video, but I watched another one by the same creator, and then the next step is what is key.  I took action.

Many times you’ll see and you’ll hear internet marketers talk about generating traffic and leads for you but how do you know they’re even doing it for themselves?  Well here you go.  I took action and contacted Earl Hall based off of these videos and the site that I went to once the site led me there.

There are two things that set this apart from other sites.  The first thing was Earl himself.  There was something endearing and honest about him as person that no marketing can mimic.  That secret ingredient we talked about called, YOU.  The other thing that set him apart was his free offer of 20 videos that he was going to give to you just for showing interest in what he was talking about!  Well, that was really a bonus because now I have to add a 3rd thing that set him apart and that thing I only found once I picked up the phone and called him.

I called him?  That’s right, I called him!

You expect me to use this thing???

So many of us running online businesses feel that we’re in a box and that we don’t communicate with people anymore but the opposite is actually true!!!  You’re communicating even MORE with people and it’s even MORE important that you connect with people in the “real world” by talking with them and trying to work together.  The idea of truly running an online business is that you’re a “Small business owner” now.  Contact other businesses and figure out how you can help them.  There’s your second clue right there.  How you can help them.  Don’t always look for how people can help you but add value to what they do and try to help their business succeed.

The reason it’s important to ask that question is because if you take care of them you’ll end up being taken care of later on as well.  Some people call it the law of reciprocity, some call it karma, some say G-d loves it when His kids get along.  Whatever you call it, do it.

One main way you can help other people you’re joint venturing with is to simply do a good job and over deliver your product to their clientele.

If Simon Cowell, from American Idol can say good job, you can too right? Hopefully a little better than this =)

Here’s why.  If you come in there and you truly care about their people then that person you’re joint-venturing with comes across like a Superstar and you’re helping him to get repeat customers in his own business.  It makes him or her look like they are proactive in their business and that they care about them.  Even if you just talk about your product but you make sure to reference “their leader” with high esteem then he or she just hired you to be a huge promoter for themselves which is genius.

So, getting back to Earl.  I’m going to get a link from him and point you guys in a direction of a man that obviously caught my attention and I’m sure can do the same for you.

A little side note here.  His business is EXPLODING by helping people grow their business who are NOT ONLINE!  So if you have a business that isn’t about online products it doesn’t matter because that’s turning out to be his specialty too.

As always, I’ll let you know what I think about what he’s sharing with you all.  If it’s got some bad points, I’ll point them out.  If it’s got good points, I’ll point them out as well.  The main thing is as we delve into what he has, if it’s as good as the man himself seems to be friendly, helpful, honest, and productive, then I’m pretty excited.

I’ll get that to you as soon as I get some info from him.

I’ll try and get an interview with him as well and see what other tricks he has up his sleeves =)



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