Effort and Money growing on Trees…

If money grew on trees I'm sure we'd find a way to complain about why we have to go and pick it...

A friend of mine made a comment about the desire for money to grow on trees and that’s such a popular concept that it wasn’t that hard to find a suitable picture for that exact concept.

A great come-back I saw someone else write is that “it kind of does…haha”  That’s an amazing point and one that brings me to the “quote of the day”.

But not quite yet =)

Money does grow on trees because it’s paper and once “processed” it ends up being “usable” for commerce and there we go from there.  The reason that’s an interesting point is because there is an active part that we need to take into turning that paper into something that is usable and that active part is what actually keeps and makes us have the desire to interact with other humans and contribute to the world.  This is why the idea of “money NOT being the root of all evil” comes from.  The other concept there is that the LOVE of that money is the root and that’s a different story.

So what’s the answer?  If we could find a way to turn our interactions with other humans into something that generated a profit for us, we would be so happy the sky couldn’t contain us, right??!!!

"Facebook" shows us the #1 Principle to making a lot of money... Be the middle-man connecting two other people.

Because most of us have an opinion, a desire, something we enjoy, we can take that and turn that into money, somehow, and that’s what we’re all about here in this community.  The “creator” of facebook is a 23-year old kid who is now worth over $1Billion and he in essence, created nothing.  What he did was connect people.  From there it took off like wild-fire.

Well, here’s the quote of the day.

“It takes no more energy to make a fortune than it takes to struggle to get by.”

Let that truth sink in and “make it happen” today.

Don't be the Coyote any more. The Road Runner still works. He just works smarter!

You already know about what I do online.  I try to make that effort as small as possible and apply what I have to whatever it is that you want to do.  I’m all about being the middle-man.  If there is something that I can do to help you keep moving in the right direction, let me know.  You never know who you might meet that can change your life and future.  If you want to try and get connected with someone else in our community let me know about that as well and we’ll see how we can make that happen.

Be good and I’ll talk with you soon.



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