Don't Give Up

As of 5 hours ago my parents came to visit their new grandson of 6weeks and we spent the last week together discussing various concepts, smiling and feeding our son, and taking my dad to the production studios I’ve worked at and real estate (that one was more headache than pleasure =/

Is this why you're here? Here's HOW to make it happen and more importantly, Why...

A concept kept coming to my mind that I felt the need to share with you.



My dad said something that really resonated with me and it was this.  “Creating a business takes time.”  Simple as that.

In addition to my online business I have other projects I’m working on that are passions of mine and because of the online business and other businesses you would think that that frees me up to work and pursue them, right?  Here’s the reality.  The things that I’m working on ARE the passions.  They ARE the things that I would do “if I had more time” and that’s the kicker.  Find out what it is that you love and that you can’t get enough of and focus on that.  Do that and you’ll find that making money with that is the “easy” part.  I put that in quotations because it’s still a lot of Hard Work but the idea is that it doesn’t seem so hard when you’re doing what you love.

In addition to that I make sure that everything that I’m working on somehow links together.  My outside businesses directly benefit from my online business because the idea and products that I have with my online business are there to link directly to what I do outside.  For example, if you have a fitness club or an acting class, take the concepts you learn here and from the member’s area and you can take both businesses (seemingly unrelated) through the roof.  That’s why I do what I do.  My passion is to help people do what they love and figure out a way to monetize that and this is the best platform that I can figure out how to do that…so that’s what I do.

Sometimes the road can seem long and you may be seeing the results that you prefer to see but if you stop today who knows if your “breakthrough” would be tomorrow?  That doesn’t mean to steamroll blindly and keep repeating things that are not working.  But it does mean to hold on tight to what it is that you see that you’re working towards.  Surround yourself with people that support you and listen and read things that motivate you, help you, encourage you, and give you what you need to stay on your journey.

Your support group needs to be composed of different personalities. Make sure you have people that support you but also push you to go beyond your limits.

This is more pep talk today than “practical” application but that’s what I was thinking about and I hope this helped someone.

I’ll try and follow this post up with some guidance as to how to choose what you’re working on and make sure that it is in a category that is going to make  you money.

I’ll talk with  you soon.  Keep working it out and keep that smile on your face!



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