Make Money from your Mistakes…

Most people focus on the first two M's a bit too much. That third one is where it's at =)

I guess this is the 3M’s post.  I’m going to coin that right now…

Remember the 3M’s.

“Make Money from your Mistakes”

The idea here that is most important to all of your successes is that most of us are trained to be nervous and to fear failure.  There are several quotes that are worth taking a look at.

The 3rd M is great but you gotta be careful with her. She's the one that is the most lucrative but also the one that can be most detrimental.

The first quote is the one that says, “The righteous man falls 7 times and gets back up.  The key thing to focus on here is that the righteous man falls.  When we idolize people, figures, etc. we tend to look at how “perfect” they are or or how perfect they appear.  Michael Jordan had an awesome perspective on how he performed the way he did and that is that he scored the most points but often times was the one that attempted the most shots.

The goal is not that you do everything “right” with your businesses but that you get back up.  Let’s talk about how to directly apply that to your online business (you can apply this to your offline business as well but here is a more direct example).

For me, when I started working online I ran into so many obstacles my wife and I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t worked that hard since I was doing doctoral work in college!  It was unbelievable.  In addition to working the hardest I’ve ever worked, I had also the  most obstacles I’ve noticeably had.  But here is the key for you and here was the key for me.  In those moments I knew what I was working for and working towards.  On top of that I made notes of all of the areas where I made mistakes and where I did something wrong, costly, or just plain dumb and I made recordings of them and shared those notes.  Those notes and recordings I turned into a “coaching program” for everyone who started with me to begin working from home and on the internet.  THAT’S how you Make Money from  your Mistakes.  Turn those mistakes into something profitable.

Here is the second concept.  Turn those mistakes into something that is going to help someone else.  I told my wife every day, “Every problem I run into and every frustration I have I’m not going to waste.  I’m not going to hold onto them myself.  Every problem and frustration I have I’m going to make sure the next person never has to experience them!”

That statement helped me to remain positive and it also helped me to create better content because I knew who and what I was creating it for.  I also made a note that once someone went along with my coaching and were “members” that I was going to keep sharing whatever else I discovered with them and truly “take care of” them.  This concept alone will help you to build rapport with your customers, treat them with respect and concern, and truthfully put out a product that would benefit them and not just try to take money from them.  Keep that in mind and you’ll find that more money will flow into your pockets than if you just went after money alone.  The core of business is service.  And that service is truly caring for and taking care of your customers.

Make it an awesome day!



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