Sell Trash for Money!

Can you sell ice to an eskimo? No worries, I'm going to make it easier than that.

I was working on some marketing late last night and I had a few things come to mind that I had to share with you.

I peruse several products a day and take a look at what seems like it may be a good fit for a joint venture, a good fit to purchase, a good fit to tell you guys about, etc. and I was also setting up some marketing for my business.  One of the main things that hit me last night is that one of the latest items I’m working on I know deep down that it is a 6-figure product.  There seem to be obstacles here and there that are minor but none-the-less keep me thinking.  Last night I realized what is going on.  I had a new thought that put me in somewhat of the same direction but at the same time completely different.  I understood what needed to be done.

That let me to this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point.

Do not blame the product for your woes.  Do not think that the product has a flaw (that doesn’t mean it never will it just means, in this case and many cases that is NOT the case).   You can sell trash and make millions.  The person who invented the idea of putting plastic at the tips of shoelaces is a millionaire now.  The person who invented paper clips is a millionaire as well.  The main point is figuring out where your trash/product/paperclip fits in.  Where can you apply it?  It comes back a bit to what we covered a few weeks ago and that is, “what is your niche?”  But somehow, this is loads more important.

In the phrase, “that salesman can sell ice to an “Eskimo” (more properly termed, “Inuit”),

Don't try and sell ice to these guys. They'll just point to your bottle of "Evian" and laugh!

it shows you that it doesn’t matter what they product is or even whether people need to sell them something.  Now, IN OUR CASE, our whole point is to only sell what we feel people need and would benefit from.  If we focus on service the money will take care of itself.  In that case, it didn’t even matter who the salesman’s niche was because he should’ve been selling to Hawaiians.   But if we borrow a smidge we can see that if we properly place what we have we can turn that trash into something amazing.

Instead of speaking in metaphors, I’ll share with you something specific.  There are limitless ways that people can use my membership site to make money, but if you think a bit outside of the box there are a few things that can quickly bring you on a 6-figure path in 60-days (hey, that’s pretty catchy!).  Calm your mind, relax, don’t hustle, and utilize your skills and see where that can lead you.  Something that is invaluable is having a coach or mentor to bounce your ideas off of.  If you feel that you don’t want to hire one, you can utilize someone who is extremely positive and encouraging and see what ideas come up when you brainstorm.

The biggest take-away from today is this…

Before you toss that product that “failed” into the trash and before you give up because things just “aren’t working”, take another look and apply something that you haven’t tried before.  Think outside the box, bounce the ideas off of someone, and knock it out of the park!!!

See you next time.

Good luck!



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