Your "Quit Your Job in 30-Days" Professor…

Focus and teach what's important to you. People thought Einstein was crazy for a loooong time. Now they think he was a genius. Remember that.

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she brought up her experience in Physics back in college.  She said that when she was with her tutor she knew how to answer the question and figure out the problem perfectly.  That exact same question, when she arrived at home, would baffle her completely!  What’s going on?

We were talking about coaching and staying motivated and being around positive people.  I coach her in different type of business ventures and most everything I do she partners with me in some way or another.  She’s partnering with me in the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project and she was asking me how she’s going to “succeed” with this and what does she do once she gets off the phone.

At first I thought her problem was motivation and so I was thinking about spending her time around more positive people and people who understand what it is to work for yourself and not someone else.  The people who can visualize or who already know what it’s like to be truly free.

She then said that the problem wasn’t motivation because she thinks about it all the time and is motivated to do things, it’s just that when she gets off the phone or leaves the session she doesn’t do anything because she doesn’t know how to solve the problem.

That analogy led to some amazing things in my mind.  I wondered how I can solve this problem because if she felt this way then someone else also felt this way.  I thought about coaching sessions but that seemed so boring for other people and I wasn’t sure how I could help a lot of people with that one because I’m only one person.  Then the idea of a teleseminar came to mind and that’s when it happened.

You don't have to wear the headset if you don't want to but if you're hands are free you can eat cereal or take notes while listening!

The people who get involved and contribute right now with the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project will be able to have a teleseminar with me and the other members of the community to help stay plugged in with your “Physics Professor” and keep your brain juices flowing and the results coming.  If I coach one on one I can at max only help 10 people per day or something like that and this information and the people involved in this is well-over 1000 people and there are not enough hours to do that and it would leave out a lot of people at this time.   So…

The Teleseminar is a great concept and what we’ll do on the calls will be to


Problem solve specific situations

Hone in on Strategic marketing


For specific problems.  The calls will grow from there but it’s a great place to start to help more people achieve their results and get what they’re actually going after!

‘Til next time!


P.S.  Here is the link to getting started with the community and beginning your life change and journey to quitting your job Now..  Click Here.


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