Ebook, iBook, iPad Domination!

Get ready for your new library

I’m sure you’re already ready for it but I’m not sure if you know what “IT” means.

Notice the iPad.  Notice the kindle.  Notice the iBooks App…  Do you see a trend?  One more thing.  Pay attention to Google and notice that they’re developing a digital publishing “house/concept”etc. and getting in on it too.

Got it?????  We’re selling these things!  While everyone else is focusing on other ways to make money online the biggest trend is staring them in their face and they’re missing it.  I was online the other day on my iPhone and there was an App that was selling “Self Help” books right on the iPhone.  Guess what?  We’ve got “Self Help” ebooks all day long!  That’s exactly what we’re providing.  People are ready and are in the process of being continuously phased out of reading tangible material and being put into the digital world for everything.  EVERYTHING.

Google, Apple, Amazon, are all doing the work for you.  They’re taking your people and feeding them to you and teaching them how to accept what you have for them.  It doesn’t get better then this folks.  This is almost like an MLM concept where you’re “In on the ground floor opporutnity” =).

I just wanted to point out something that seems to not be obvious to a lot of people and show what the media and news is already telling us and reassure you to take advantage of this.

Keep up the good work everyone.  I have  free product for you that if you haven’t yet grabbed it, go ahead and grab it while it’s still available and it’ll show you how to take advantage of all of this right now.  The product is FREE so grab is here:  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE PRODUCT

I’ll see you over there.  Enjoy your FREE BONUS VIDEO that’s on the other side of that free product =)  Surprise surprise!

~Jerome Bethea


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