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The Best Motivation Video

Watch this over and over again.  Internalize these lessons and remember this for your own life.



P.S.  Perhaps it should be “The Best Motivational Video” but on Youtube it’s written like this and I wanted to keep the title the same =)


Keep Going. Don't give up.

This post is about getting back up when you get knocked down.

He didn't lose from getting knocked down... He lost by not getting back up.

I heard a quote that really moved me not too long ago and it said that “Mike Tyson didn’t lose a fight by getting knocked down, he lost because he didn’t get back up.”

That really got to me because that was so true.  When you circumstances are difficult, people aren’t believing in  you, the money is short, people are calling and you don’t want to answer your phone (am I hitting any chords??? =)  GET BACK UP!!!!

When you read the autobiographies of “Great men and women” you’re going to notice something.  I think that the main reason people enjoy reading autobiographies and hearing the stories of Stallone i s because they got knocked down so many times and so many people identify with that.  The more important part though, is that that person got back up after each knock down.  That’s the part we not only need to remember but emulate.  That’s the action and the take-away of all of these stories.  Get back up.  Try again.  Keep trying.

Most of us don’t keep trying or somehow we feel that we’ve exhausted all of our options.  That’s a lie.  The difference between 4 out of 100 people is that those 4 don’t stop.  The average 96 people say, “I’m going to try this one more time and if it doesn’t work then I know it’s not meant to be.”  The people that make it happen KNOW that whatever they’re going for is “MEANT TO BE.”

The first thing is this….  Find out what it is that you want to go for and make sure that it’s something that’s aching in your bones and that you can’t stop thinking about.

The second thig…  GO FOR IT.

We’ll talk again and I’ll give a success story of a few of the things that I’m going after right now.

I’ll give you a heads up.

Come on out to the Bootcamp. I'd love to have you!

I’m an Exercise Phyiologist and Personal trainer and I’m working on getting some Bootcamps up and running again down here in Dallas, TX.  They’re the funnest and best and most effective Bootcamps you’ll ever see and I love being outside and doing them and I love the people that it helps.  It enables me to train more people at one time and make more money per hour doing it.   It’s a win win win for everyone.  I enjoy myself, they get a good work out, and they spend less money per hour for a trainer and I make more money per hour.  When I did the camps in Oklahoma I was up to $100-$200 and down here my goal is to get up to $500 and then $1000.  I’ll keep you posted.   I’ll also keep you posted as to how that passes over to your online businesses.  That’s a revolution that’s happening right now that I think you’ll all be excited to hear about.  If you want to hear more stories about difficulties that I’ve personally gone through let me know.  If you just want to hear how to make it happen without any sob stories, let me know too.  If you hear about something and don’t want to and you didn’t vote, then don’t complain because you didn’t stand up to say anything =)=)

Be well.  Happy Memorial Day.  Thank you, Dad, for all that you’ve done for this country but ever moreso, for our family.  It was hard growing up with you away in Haiti and other countries but it also made our family stronger.  I love you.

Jerome Bethea

Making online money the easy way

There are a lot of ways to make money online but the reality is that it all boils down to one thing.

Stop being so complicated. Let's really break things down here.

I’m going to share that one thing with you in a few more sentences because I want to string you along =)  Just kidding.  I’ll show you how to make money online the easy way but I do need to set the table just slightly so that when you see what that is you’ll recognize the truth in it and change it.

Someone came to me and offered me their list of 40,000 people/opt ins.  Many people could’ve taken this list and made a fortune to the tune of no less than 7-figures with it easily.  Some people may call me a fool but there is something that I realized with this.  The guy that had this list knew these people in a way that I didn’t.  He understood this niche and identified with them.  He was just trying to be helpful to me and didn’t really need them for any reason.  He wasn’t doing anything with them and had been sitting on it for years.

Instead of taking that list and mailing them some internet marketing program or how to make money online or something like that, which is what I do, I realized that they didn’t want that.  What did they want?  I didn’t have a clue so I asked the guy.  He told me what they wanted.  I could’ve ran and done that but still, I didn’t.  To make a long story short I shared the possibilities of this list and what you could do with it with this guy and showed him how to make some nice money doing it and we’re now doing that together.  It’s a win-win-win.  The list of people get what they truly want, the guy gets to do what he loves to do and talks about anyways, and I get to profit from putting all of this together and helping out both parties.

Start trying to make these and you'll be laughing your way to the bank all day and night!

This is a short post but the point is very strong and can save you a lot of time and heartache.  It can turn a good idea into a great one and it can turn $1,000/month into $100,000.

Here is the formula for making money online the easy way, “Give people what they’re looking for”, “Give people what they want”, and “Give people what they feel they need.”  Don’t try to force things down their throat and convince them.  Find out what they want and give it to them.  That’s service, that’s a win win, and that’ll get you your income.

Put this into action today and let me know what kind of results you start seeing.

-Jerome Bethea

Your "Quit Your Job in 30-Days" Professor…

Focus and teach what's important to you. People thought Einstein was crazy for a loooong time. Now they think he was a genius. Remember that.

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she brought up her experience in Physics back in college.  She said that when she was with her tutor she knew how to answer the question and figure out the problem perfectly.  That exact same question, when she arrived at home, would baffle her completely!  What’s going on?

We were talking about coaching and staying motivated and being around positive people.  I coach her in different type of business ventures and most everything I do she partners with me in some way or another.  She’s partnering with me in the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project and she was asking me how she’s going to “succeed” with this and what does she do once she gets off the phone.

At first I thought her problem was motivation and so I was thinking about spending her time around more positive people and people who understand what it is to work for yourself and not someone else.  The people who can visualize or who already know what it’s like to be truly free.

She then said that the problem wasn’t motivation because she thinks about it all the time and is motivated to do things, it’s just that when she gets off the phone or leaves the session she doesn’t do anything because she doesn’t know how to solve the problem.

That analogy led to some amazing things in my mind.  I wondered how I can solve this problem because if she felt this way then someone else also felt this way.  I thought about coaching sessions but that seemed so boring for other people and I wasn’t sure how I could help a lot of people with that one because I’m only one person.  Then the idea of a teleseminar came to mind and that’s when it happened.

You don't have to wear the headset if you don't want to but if you're hands are free you can eat cereal or take notes while listening!

The people who get involved and contribute right now with the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project will be able to have a teleseminar with me and the other members of the community to help stay plugged in with your “Physics Professor” and keep your brain juices flowing and the results coming.  If I coach one on one I can at max only help 10 people per day or something like that and this information and the people involved in this is well-over 1000 people and there are not enough hours to do that and it would leave out a lot of people at this time.   So…

The Teleseminar is a great concept and what we’ll do on the calls will be to


Problem solve specific situations

Hone in on Strategic marketing


For specific problems.  The calls will grow from there but it’s a great place to start to help more people achieve their results and get what they’re actually going after!

‘Til next time!


P.S.  Here is the link to getting started with the community and beginning your life change and journey to quitting your job Now..  Click Here.

Sell Trash for Money!

Can you sell ice to an eskimo? No worries, I'm going to make it easier than that.

I was working on some marketing late last night and I had a few things come to mind that I had to share with you.

I peruse several products a day and take a look at what seems like it may be a good fit for a joint venture, a good fit to purchase, a good fit to tell you guys about, etc. and I was also setting up some marketing for my business.  One of the main things that hit me last night is that one of the latest items I’m working on I know deep down that it is a 6-figure product.  There seem to be obstacles here and there that are minor but none-the-less keep me thinking.  Last night I realized what is going on.  I had a new thought that put me in somewhat of the same direction but at the same time completely different.  I understood what needed to be done.

That let me to this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point.

Do not blame the product for your woes.  Do not think that the product has a flaw (that doesn’t mean it never will it just means, in this case and many cases that is NOT the case).   You can sell trash and make millions.  The person who invented the idea of putting plastic at the tips of shoelaces is a millionaire now.  The person who invented paper clips is a millionaire as well.  The main point is figuring out where your trash/product/paperclip fits in.  Where can you apply it?  It comes back a bit to what we covered a few weeks ago and that is, “what is your niche?”  But somehow, this is loads more important.

In the phrase, “that salesman can sell ice to an “Eskimo” (more properly termed, “Inuit”),

Don't try and sell ice to these guys. They'll just point to your bottle of "Evian" and laugh!

it shows you that it doesn’t matter what they product is or even whether people need to sell them something.  Now, IN OUR CASE, our whole point is to only sell what we feel people need and would benefit from.  If we focus on service the money will take care of itself.  In that case, it didn’t even matter who the salesman’s niche was because he should’ve been selling to Hawaiians.   But if we borrow a smidge we can see that if we properly place what we have we can turn that trash into something amazing.

Instead of speaking in metaphors, I’ll share with you something specific.  There are limitless ways that people can use my membership site to make money, but if you think a bit outside of the box there are a few things that can quickly bring you on a 6-figure path in 60-days (hey, that’s pretty catchy!).  Calm your mind, relax, don’t hustle, and utilize your skills and see where that can lead you.  Something that is invaluable is having a coach or mentor to bounce your ideas off of.  If you feel that you don’t want to hire one, you can utilize someone who is extremely positive and encouraging and see what ideas come up when you brainstorm.

The biggest take-away from today is this…

Before you toss that product that “failed” into the trash and before you give up because things just “aren’t working”, take another look and apply something that you haven’t tried before.  Think outside the box, bounce the ideas off of someone, and knock it out of the park!!!

See you next time.

Good luck!


Make Money from your Mistakes…

Most people focus on the first two M's a bit too much. That third one is where it's at =)

I guess this is the 3M’s post.  I’m going to coin that right now…

Remember the 3M’s.

“Make Money from your Mistakes”

The idea here that is most important to all of your successes is that most of us are trained to be nervous and to fear failure.  There are several quotes that are worth taking a look at.

The 3rd M is great but you gotta be careful with her. She's the one that is the most lucrative but also the one that can be most detrimental.

The first quote is the one that says, “The righteous man falls 7 times and gets back up.  The key thing to focus on here is that the righteous man falls.  When we idolize people, figures, etc. we tend to look at how “perfect” they are or or how perfect they appear.  Michael Jordan had an awesome perspective on how he performed the way he did and that is that he scored the most points but often times was the one that attempted the most shots.

The goal is not that you do everything “right” with your businesses but that you get back up.  Let’s talk about how to directly apply that to your online business (you can apply this to your offline business as well but here is a more direct example).

For me, when I started working online I ran into so many obstacles my wife and I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t worked that hard since I was doing doctoral work in college!  It was unbelievable.  In addition to working the hardest I’ve ever worked, I had also the  most obstacles I’ve noticeably had.  But here is the key for you and here was the key for me.  In those moments I knew what I was working for and working towards.  On top of that I made notes of all of the areas where I made mistakes and where I did something wrong, costly, or just plain dumb and I made recordings of them and shared those notes.  Those notes and recordings I turned into a “coaching program” for everyone who started with me to begin working from home and on the internet.  THAT’S how you Make Money from  your Mistakes.  Turn those mistakes into something profitable.

Here is the second concept.  Turn those mistakes into something that is going to help someone else.  I told my wife every day, “Every problem I run into and every frustration I have I’m not going to waste.  I’m not going to hold onto them myself.  Every problem and frustration I have I’m going to make sure the next person never has to experience them!”

That statement helped me to remain positive and it also helped me to create better content because I knew who and what I was creating it for.  I also made a note that once someone went along with my coaching and were “members” that I was going to keep sharing whatever else I discovered with them and truly “take care of” them.  This concept alone will help you to build rapport with your customers, treat them with respect and concern, and truthfully put out a product that would benefit them and not just try to take money from them.  Keep that in mind and you’ll find that more money will flow into your pockets than if you just went after money alone.  The core of business is service.  And that service is truly caring for and taking care of your customers.

Make it an awesome day!


Don't Give Up

As of 5 hours ago my parents came to visit their new grandson of 6weeks and we spent the last week together discussing various concepts, smiling and feeding our son, and taking my dad to the production studios I’ve worked at and real estate (that one was more headache than pleasure =/

Is this why you're here? Here's HOW to make it happen and more importantly, Why...

A concept kept coming to my mind that I felt the need to share with you.



My dad said something that really resonated with me and it was this.  “Creating a business takes time.”  Simple as that.

In addition to my online business I have other projects I’m working on that are passions of mine and because of the online business and other businesses you would think that that frees me up to work and pursue them, right?  Here’s the reality.  The things that I’m working on ARE the passions.  They ARE the things that I would do “if I had more time” and that’s the kicker.  Find out what it is that you love and that you can’t get enough of and focus on that.  Do that and you’ll find that making money with that is the “easy” part.  I put that in quotations because it’s still a lot of Hard Work but the idea is that it doesn’t seem so hard when you’re doing what you love.

In addition to that I make sure that everything that I’m working on somehow links together.  My outside businesses directly benefit from my online business because the idea and products that I have with my online business are there to link directly to what I do outside.  For example, if you have a fitness club or an acting class, take the concepts you learn here and from the member’s area and you can take both businesses (seemingly unrelated) through the roof.  That’s why I do what I do.  My passion is to help people do what they love and figure out a way to monetize that and this is the best platform that I can figure out how to do that…so that’s what I do.

Sometimes the road can seem long and you may be seeing the results that you prefer to see but if you stop today who knows if your “breakthrough” would be tomorrow?  That doesn’t mean to steamroll blindly and keep repeating things that are not working.  But it does mean to hold on tight to what it is that you see that you’re working towards.  Surround yourself with people that support you and listen and read things that motivate you, help you, encourage you, and give you what you need to stay on your journey.

Your support group needs to be composed of different personalities. Make sure you have people that support you but also push you to go beyond your limits.

This is more pep talk today than “practical” application but that’s what I was thinking about and I hope this helped someone.

I’ll try and follow this post up with some guidance as to how to choose what you’re working on and make sure that it is in a category that is going to make  you money.

I’ll talk with  you soon.  Keep working it out and keep that smile on your face!