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The Best Motivation Video

Watch this over and over again.  Internalize these lessons and remember this for your own life.



P.S.  Perhaps it should be “The Best Motivational Video” but on Youtube it’s written like this and I wanted to keep the title the same =)


Making online money the easy way

There are a lot of ways to make money online but the reality is that it all boils down to one thing.

Stop being so complicated. Let's really break things down here.

I’m going to share that one thing with you in a few more sentences because I want to string you along =)  Just kidding.  I’ll show you how to make money online the easy way but I do need to set the table just slightly so that when you see what that is you’ll recognize the truth in it and change it.

Someone came to me and offered me their list of 40,000 people/opt ins.  Many people could’ve taken this list and made a fortune to the tune of no less than 7-figures with it easily.  Some people may call me a fool but there is something that I realized with this.  The guy that had this list knew these people in a way that I didn’t.  He understood this niche and identified with them.  He was just trying to be helpful to me and didn’t really need them for any reason.  He wasn’t doing anything with them and had been sitting on it for years.

Instead of taking that list and mailing them some internet marketing program or how to make money online or something like that, which is what I do, I realized that they didn’t want that.  What did they want?  I didn’t have a clue so I asked the guy.  He told me what they wanted.  I could’ve ran and done that but still, I didn’t.  To make a long story short I shared the possibilities of this list and what you could do with it with this guy and showed him how to make some nice money doing it and we’re now doing that together.  It’s a win-win-win.  The list of people get what they truly want, the guy gets to do what he loves to do and talks about anyways, and I get to profit from putting all of this together and helping out both parties.

Start trying to make these and you'll be laughing your way to the bank all day and night!

This is a short post but the point is very strong and can save you a lot of time and heartache.  It can turn a good idea into a great one and it can turn $1,000/month into $100,000.

Here is the formula for making money online the easy way, “Give people what they’re looking for”, “Give people what they want”, and “Give people what they feel they need.”  Don’t try to force things down their throat and convince them.  Find out what they want and give it to them.  That’s service, that’s a win win, and that’ll get you your income.

Put this into action today and let me know what kind of results you start seeing.

-Jerome Bethea

Take Action!

I just noticed that I seem to include a lot of exclamation marks in my posts!!!!!

I don’t mean to be screaming but I think when I do that I just really mean what I say and am trying to emphasize how important that point really is.  My wife is an English major and it drives her crazy sometime to see how I punctuate but hey, I’m trying to convey a message here, not get a grade, right?!?! haha

Today’s topic is an Extremely Important Topic and point to take.

Here is a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci that I include at the end of  a lot of my emails.

“I am impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is
not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough;
we must do.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

There are A LOT of courses and programs out there that are promising one thing or another or are teaching you how to do something from making money online to buying and selling apartment buildings (I’m interested and active in both so that’s why the seemingly random points are at the forefront of my mind =).   Here is a huge difference between the quality of one product to the next…

Are you ready for this?

YOU. Period.

That’s a major contributing factor between one course and the next.  I hate to be so blunt (not really, that’s what you’re here for, right?) but that’s the truth.  There are many forums reviewing products and commenting on them and I think that’s all well and good but at the end of the day it’s You.

What do I mean by, “YOU?”  Well, I mean taking action on what you learned or are learning.  I’ve spent $1000’s on courses and every one of my coaches and colleagues that are successful have spent 10’s of thousands and over $50,000 on courses alone.  They’re great!  I love courses and programs.  I still buy other programs.  I’m in a constant state of learning and I think you always should be.

But, take action.  You do have to take care of yourself and your family and learning without application isn’t going to do that.

This leads back to a few things.  Sometimes you’re afraid of taking action because of the risk.  Sometimes you’re afraid to take action and potential fail.  Sometimes you’re afraid to take action and potential succeed…  Whatever your potential fear is, you have to CRUSH IT! =)  The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is not his smarts, looks, or even his ability oftentimes.  It’s his willingness and fortitude to Get Up Again.

Never give up.  It’s the man that gets up again over and over again that is successful.

With all of that being said, what kind of action do you need to take?  How can you take the most effective action?  How do I make sure that the steps that I take are not wasted?  Here is a video from an extremely successful gentleman that I want you to check out and TAKE ACTION on today!

The principle in this video are spot on, I’ve totally done them and they’re amazing and Work!  As long as you take action on them and give it a whirl.

All right.  To your success, determination, and effort!  I’m here with and for you and give you a virtual encouragement boost through the “web waves” as my mom might put it =)