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Your "Quit Your Job in 30-Days" Professor…

Focus and teach what's important to you. People thought Einstein was crazy for a loooong time. Now they think he was a genius. Remember that.

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she brought up her experience in Physics back in college.  She said that when she was with her tutor she knew how to answer the question and figure out the problem perfectly.  That exact same question, when she arrived at home, would baffle her completely!  What’s going on?

We were talking about coaching and staying motivated and being around positive people.  I coach her in different type of business ventures and most everything I do she partners with me in some way or another.  She’s partnering with me in the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project and she was asking me how she’s going to “succeed” with this and what does she do once she gets off the phone.

At first I thought her problem was motivation and so I was thinking about spending her time around more positive people and people who understand what it is to work for yourself and not someone else.  The people who can visualize or who already know what it’s like to be truly free.

She then said that the problem wasn’t motivation because she thinks about it all the time and is motivated to do things, it’s just that when she gets off the phone or leaves the session she doesn’t do anything because she doesn’t know how to solve the problem.

That analogy led to some amazing things in my mind.  I wondered how I can solve this problem because if she felt this way then someone else also felt this way.  I thought about coaching sessions but that seemed so boring for other people and I wasn’t sure how I could help a lot of people with that one because I’m only one person.  Then the idea of a teleseminar came to mind and that’s when it happened.

You don't have to wear the headset if you don't want to but if you're hands are free you can eat cereal or take notes while listening!

The people who get involved and contribute right now with the “Ebook Underground” Quit Your Job in 30-Days Project will be able to have a teleseminar with me and the other members of the community to help stay plugged in with your “Physics Professor” and keep your brain juices flowing and the results coming.  If I coach one on one I can at max only help 10 people per day or something like that and this information and the people involved in this is well-over 1000 people and there are not enough hours to do that and it would leave out a lot of people at this time.   So…

The Teleseminar is a great concept and what we’ll do on the calls will be to


Problem solve specific situations

Hone in on Strategic marketing


For specific problems.  The calls will grow from there but it’s a great place to start to help more people achieve their results and get what they’re actually going after!

‘Til next time!


P.S.  Here is the link to getting started with the community and beginning your life change and journey to quitting your job Now..  Click Here.


E-book Underground 30-Day "Quit Your Job" Project

Get ready because this is about to be "Screw Proof"... We'll talk about that later.

Here we go, guys.

We’re going a journey and we’re going to make it happen. I’m creating a product that’s going to help people quit their jobs in 30-days and begin their “Money making from online” careers at home for real this time. This is a feat and I’m going to need your support but at the same time I want to take you for the ride.

To begin this journey we have to be in the right frame of mind and we have to do this together. For those of you who are on-board from the beginning I’m going to let you in to some pretty cool surprises, tips, and secrets valued at over $200 so this is going to be well worth your time and insight.

I’m keeping this post short and going to keep hitting it hard.

Here’s the first task. Do me a favor and click on this click and it’ll take you to the page with 36 different self improvement books and I want to give the one of your choice to you for $5. Take the money for the cup of coffee and get a book. That $5 is going to the project and we’re going to keep going from there. See you on the other side and I’ll be keeping you posted.

Before you put in your information for your ebook be sure that you look at all of the titles to make sure that you get the one that is going to be best for you.

Click on the link below that says, “here you go. enjoy.” =)

Here you go. Enjoy.

Niche Checker. Market Research for your product…

So you want to go out there and you’re ready to get the word out about your product and make a million sales.  Great.  Let’s go!

Where are you going? Don't jump the gun and foul out!

Go where?

There’s a double-whammy I’m talking about here and that double-whammy is marketing.

Instead of taking your product and finding out where it fits in, what if you found out what people are looking for and made that fit them?

Sometimes a lot of money, thought, time, effort, and heart goes into preparation of materials, products, ads, etc. only to find out the heart-breaking truth that NOBODY CARES! =(=(

I don’t mean selling your soul and just going with the masses because that’s not my shtick, baby.  But… if you could test what it is that you want to do against what people are looking for you can find out if it matches.  Or, you can tweak a few things to make what it is that you’re creating fit the market more perfectly and thereby cause your profits to shoot through the roof!

So here’s thing, I met this guy not too long ago and we began talking about what it is that he could do to help my community and if there was a way that I could help his community.  You guys know that I’m not going to put a bunch of junk out there in front of you but you also know that most of the things that are classified as junk are rarely actually junk but the practitioner not putting them to use.  I’m not trying to sugarcoat stuff so please forgive me if that sounded harsh but you know what I’m saying.  There is no magic button is all.

The moment you find one of these you'll be dead. The struggle in life is the sign that you have one.

Well, I just got wind of what he has going on and it’s something that directly pertains to checking the market.

It’s a “niche checker”.  The buddy I was talking about is Menno Spijkstra (I love that name!) and he’s got a report for you that’s free (now that’s definitely up our alley=) I definitely want to keep you up to speed with the free goods) .   Here’s the goal of that report.

-ideas for your online business

-zeroing in on the right niche market

-shows you how to spend your time and energy in the right place

The goal here is to make sure that all of your time and energy isn’t all for naught and even if you have an offline business this can help you maximize your advertising because maybe there is a small nugget you’re getting just slightly off.

Let me make a disclaimer to you guys as well.  I’m not getting paid to market this stuff.  This is not an affiliate link for me.  For all of you other guys out there I think it’s a great way to make some extra cash and work things out but you need to be careful how you go about doing that.  What this is all about is giving you the opportunity to act on it how you will.  I’m all about free reports so I like to pick things up where I can.  I also try to buy every course I can because I’m always trying to grow and it helps in the long run.  =)

Like I said earlier in this post and in other posts, always network, you never know what can come of it.  I’ve got Menno sharing my stuff with his community and I hope it helps them too and I hope they’re receptive to me and that they take what I say and take over the world with it.  Trust me, there IS enough to go around, contrary to popular opinion.

A little creepy, I know. But the concept is good, right?

I had a gentleman contact me and ask how to monetize his site and I ABSOLUTELY welcome any and all questions, suggestions, etc.  If there is something you want me to cover then let me know and I’ll get on it ASAP =)  I’m finding more about what he does and maybe I’ll talk about it here and it’ll give you an idea that you can apply to yours as well.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, think about what I said about looking before you leap.  Don’t sell your soul and just slave for the market but remember that the reason you’re here is TO HELP PEOPLE.   If you’re not paying attention to what people are saying they want or need, are you really helping them?  Are you giving them something that is of value to them?  You may only need to tweak what you have 10% and that 10% can account for an additional 80%-90% in sales!!!  Remember the 80/20 rule?  It’s true.