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Weight Loss Tips for When You’re Eating Out

One of my clients asked me this this morning and I posted a nice video to help you to stay on your goals and to even make a few healthy decisions while you’re away from home!


Cash Millionaire with some tips…

Hey.  I was up listening to this guy that I truly think has some good things to say in this video of his.


Here's the guy that is truly "Livin' the dream" in the real sense. Not just looking for cars and "stuff" but the meaning behind it. Live on, Frank. Live on...

I have a post tomorrow talking about “exhaustion” and the irony of it is it was his video that popped that idea into my head that I needed to write something about that for you.

I really felt like there are a lot of people trying to make their businesses happen in whatever niche you’re working in and once you get going and you’re red hot, there’s another product to buy, and then another, and then a better person to listen to, etc.  It can sometimes be overwhelming and a bit frustrating.  I’m going to talk about that tomorrow and how to alleviate that pressure, focus, and accomplish something before being swallowed alive.

But before I post that I wanted to give this video a chance because he has some legit stuff to say that is RIGHT Smack dab in the middle of what we cover here.  And that’s focusing up on what you love and truly helping people and helping yourself and doing the most amount of business with that perspective.

Here’s his link:

It’s a referral link that was generated for me and when you watch his free vid you’ll get one too that you can pass on to your friends.  There’s no money being made with that but it’s tracked in the account created with him and helps you to see other info for free.  I don’t endorse a lot of things here but that’s something that I am definitely “congruent” with and feel could be a good bit of your time spent.  It IS a bit long but you’ll take a few nuggets with you =)