Grocery Store Invasion!

The grocery store trying to challenge you again?  There are so many things in there and so many different opinions that it can leave your head spinning.  Well, that’s what the Grocery Store Invasion is all about solving!

If you want to get a group together and walk-through in person or if you simply have a question, let me know.  For now, get a taste of the invasion and be sure to implement these principles.  Knowledge is nothing without application.


Muscle-Toning Belly-Shaping Testimonials

Here’s a taste of what is happening at our Bootcamps.  True to the video, Contact Us and get Your FREE Week of Personal Training!

Join the community and watch your life change.  Our focus is on Muscle-toning, belly shaping, creating a flat belly and losing your gut.  We deal with weight loss, fat loss, and get your body ready for the beach and ready for your bathing suit!

Free Weight Loss Secrets Part 2

Here is the 2nd installmant of the “Free Weight Loss Secrets” series.

Enjoy and post any comments or questions below or shoot me an email at

#1 Weight Loss Tip Part 1. Simple and Easy!

Hey guys.  I’m really focusing on the JB Fitness, personal training aspect right now because I see that it’s helping a lot of people and is picking up a lot of momentum and I have to keep it going so that’s AWESOME.

That being said, we’re trying to get picked up by Oprah because she’s actively looking for another show right now and what I have going on fits her criteria!  That being said, I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening and when I get that submission video finished if you like  it you can vote on it to help us get picked up!

Here’s a video from my Youtube channel on the #1 Weight Loss Secret and I’ve got 4 more coming because we’ve got to demystify this weight loss epidemic and start solving this problem.

This tip will literally change your life forever and it’s something simple and easy and something that won’t make you have to have a whole diet revolution in one minute!

Watch this video and if you have any questions or comments you can email, post, comment, etc. and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible =)!!


JB from JB Fitness.  America’s Rebel Trainer.

The Best Motivation Video

Watch this over and over again.  Internalize these lessons and remember this for your own life.



P.S.  Perhaps it should be “The Best Motivational Video” but on Youtube it’s written like this and I wanted to keep the title the same =)

Keep Going. Don't give up.

This post is about getting back up when you get knocked down.

He didn't lose from getting knocked down... He lost by not getting back up.

I heard a quote that really moved me not too long ago and it said that “Mike Tyson didn’t lose a fight by getting knocked down, he lost because he didn’t get back up.”

That really got to me because that was so true.  When you circumstances are difficult, people aren’t believing in  you, the money is short, people are calling and you don’t want to answer your phone (am I hitting any chords??? =)  GET BACK UP!!!!

When you read the autobiographies of “Great men and women” you’re going to notice something.  I think that the main reason people enjoy reading autobiographies and hearing the stories of Stallone i s because they got knocked down so many times and so many people identify with that.  The more important part though, is that that person got back up after each knock down.  That’s the part we not only need to remember but emulate.  That’s the action and the take-away of all of these stories.  Get back up.  Try again.  Keep trying.

Most of us don’t keep trying or somehow we feel that we’ve exhausted all of our options.  That’s a lie.  The difference between 4 out of 100 people is that those 4 don’t stop.  The average 96 people say, “I’m going to try this one more time and if it doesn’t work then I know it’s not meant to be.”  The people that make it happen KNOW that whatever they’re going for is “MEANT TO BE.”

The first thing is this….  Find out what it is that you want to go for and make sure that it’s something that’s aching in your bones and that you can’t stop thinking about.

The second thig…  GO FOR IT.

We’ll talk again and I’ll give a success story of a few of the things that I’m going after right now.

I’ll give you a heads up.

Come on out to the Bootcamp. I'd love to have you!

I’m an Exercise Phyiologist and Personal trainer and I’m working on getting some Bootcamps up and running again down here in Dallas, TX.  They’re the funnest and best and most effective Bootcamps you’ll ever see and I love being outside and doing them and I love the people that it helps.  It enables me to train more people at one time and make more money per hour doing it.   It’s a win win win for everyone.  I enjoy myself, they get a good work out, and they spend less money per hour for a trainer and I make more money per hour.  When I did the camps in Oklahoma I was up to $100-$200 and down here my goal is to get up to $500 and then $1000.  I’ll keep you posted.   I’ll also keep you posted as to how that passes over to your online businesses.  That’s a revolution that’s happening right now that I think you’ll all be excited to hear about.  If you want to hear more stories about difficulties that I’ve personally gone through let me know.  If you just want to hear how to make it happen without any sob stories, let me know too.  If you hear about something and don’t want to and you didn’t vote, then don’t complain because you didn’t stand up to say anything =)=)

Be well.  Happy Memorial Day.  Thank you, Dad, for all that you’ve done for this country but ever moreso, for our family.  It was hard growing up with you away in Haiti and other countries but it also made our family stronger.  I love you.

Jerome Bethea

Making online money the easy way

There are a lot of ways to make money online but the reality is that it all boils down to one thing.

Stop being so complicated. Let's really break things down here.

I’m going to share that one thing with you in a few more sentences because I want to string you along =)  Just kidding.  I’ll show you how to make money online the easy way but I do need to set the table just slightly so that when you see what that is you’ll recognize the truth in it and change it.

Someone came to me and offered me their list of 40,000 people/opt ins.  Many people could’ve taken this list and made a fortune to the tune of no less than 7-figures with it easily.  Some people may call me a fool but there is something that I realized with this.  The guy that had this list knew these people in a way that I didn’t.  He understood this niche and identified with them.  He was just trying to be helpful to me and didn’t really need them for any reason.  He wasn’t doing anything with them and had been sitting on it for years.

Instead of taking that list and mailing them some internet marketing program or how to make money online or something like that, which is what I do, I realized that they didn’t want that.  What did they want?  I didn’t have a clue so I asked the guy.  He told me what they wanted.  I could’ve ran and done that but still, I didn’t.  To make a long story short I shared the possibilities of this list and what you could do with it with this guy and showed him how to make some nice money doing it and we’re now doing that together.  It’s a win-win-win.  The list of people get what they truly want, the guy gets to do what he loves to do and talks about anyways, and I get to profit from putting all of this together and helping out both parties.

Start trying to make these and you'll be laughing your way to the bank all day and night!

This is a short post but the point is very strong and can save you a lot of time and heartache.  It can turn a good idea into a great one and it can turn $1,000/month into $100,000.

Here is the formula for making money online the easy way, “Give people what they’re looking for”, “Give people what they want”, and “Give people what they feel they need.”  Don’t try to force things down their throat and convince them.  Find out what they want and give it to them.  That’s service, that’s a win win, and that’ll get you your income.

Put this into action today and let me know what kind of results you start seeing.

-Jerome Bethea